The Timeless Music of Max Folmer

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  • United
  • World One
  • The Creation
  • Global World
  • Pentagram
  • Shadows of Light

Max Folmer’s music served as the setting for a 3-part TV series by the “Humanistich verbond” about new trends in physics and health care.
Various national and international radio stations have broadcast specials including All India Radio, VPRO, AVRO, KRO, Wereldomroep, Sam Francisco radio and others.
There is also a TV special broadcast by the VPRO about Folmer’s composition technique. During the exhibition “Energieen” in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam the CD Sunflower could be heard daily.

A few impressions of the press


His music is from electronics but I feel his expression are of the same ancient and blissful character as the traditional oriental music has been.

Prof. Shiva Kumar Shastri India

Folmer’s talent is, that while his work resembles others, he’s puching it to new frontiers of expression.

Audion Engeland

Folmer is one of Holland’s leading New Age composers and keyboard-synthesists.

New Age Media Australia

The Timeless Music of Max Folmer